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To Create Purposeful Investors

  • Promoting Goal-Based Investing
  • Helping to Achieve Financial Freedom and Independence
  • Inspiring and supporting to Save, Invest and Protect

Our work practices are founded in START.

  • Speed– Act Fast
  • TeamWe, Not I
  • Accountability– Take ownership
  • Results – Measured in numbers
  • Trust– Be Reliable

Why Pentad?

Goal Based

Individual Specific

Customized Planning
and Execution


Investment Partner
to You

Board of Directors

Sajid Ahamed

Chairman and Managing Director

Sajid began his journey in capital markets over a decade ago. He started off as a trader but eventually turned to become an investor and a sub-broker. His experiences have taught him to be an investor and benefit from investing in equity for long term. Pentad; his founded company, was birthed into existence as a result of a giant leap he took into applying his experiences and extending his learning curve. He is passionate about helping newly emerging business projects.

Rafi Kallatra


He has set up multiple successful MNCs like Arabcal Group, Interface Technical Inspection, Callidus and Inkal in various parts of the Middle east, Asia, Europe and USA. His business interests spread across Engineering Procurement & Construction, Test & Measurement, Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing Services, Food Processing & Dairy and Maritime & Legal Consulting. He is actively involved in all the strategic decision making of Pentad.

Nikhil Gopalakrishnan

Chief Executive Officer

Nikhil has acquired over a decade of experience with a MNC in customer support and operations. He takes care of the execution part of all expansion plans, service issues and day to day activities of Pentad. Developing different ways to achieve financial freedom and wealth creation for our clients through Goal Based Investing has forever stayed his passion. He is also well known for his successful YouTube financial education series called Money Talks with Nikhil.

Abhisanker P S


Abhisanker worked with the sales and customer service team in the Automobile sector. He later turned to capital market investment and operations of a sub-broker business. Currently, he takes care of Marketing and Admin operations of Pentad. He is a car junkie and a passionate foodie.

Ratheesh Shenoy

Director - Operations

Ratheesh Shenoy started his career in stock broking operations in 2010. He has played a vital role in setting up Pentad’s entire back-office operations from the beginning. His understanding in risk management, surveillance and compliance is an asset to our organization. At present, he also oversees the sales and operations.

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