Equity is the portion of ownership in a business. Investing in listed securities provide wealth creation for long term, inflation beating return, highly transparent and liquid investment option. Investors could participate in equity with small contribution from income, regularly over a period time and investment in lump sum. Investors could invest for long term or short term or day trading in equity depends on the risk profile.

Equity Derivative

Derivatives helps to take advantage of price movement in equity, index, commodity, currency without paying huge capital. Derivatives helps hedging to reduce the price risk, speculation to take advantage of price fluctuation in particular asset. Futures and options help to protect the risk and hedge from equity and index price move.


Currency trade helps to take the advantage of currency movement with lower investment. Good tool for traders and business who have currency risk to protect their currency price movement. This is also helps speculators who likes to take advantage of currency fluctuation.


Commodity trading explore the opportunity for investors to take the advantage of price movements in various commodities across the world such as Gold, Silver, Crude, Metals and Gas. Jewellers and industries can be the biggest participants in commodity trading to hedge their price booking. Jewellers across the country is facing the risk of price movement of Gold, this risk could be hedge and avoid price risk. Effective trade management of inventory can help jewellers to hedge their risk

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