Equity provides higher returns over a long period and helps achieve your financial goals quicker and in a hassle-free manner.
  • While most other risk-free investment are taxable, long term equity returns are free of capital gains tax
  • Proven to provide highest post tax returns compared to any other investment

Future & Options (Derivatives)

Futures and Options (F&O) derivatives are considered among the most efficient hedging tools in equity markets, in less than two decades period. Derivatives – both index and stock- help investors do away with up-front capital payment allowing you to benefit from market movements
  • Used as a hedge against market uncertainties
  • Higher leverage
  • Different strategies can be applied to utilized to get benefitted from market movement


  • Trading in currency derivatives is a very lucrative investment option
  • We provide personalized broking services to our clients
  • Most efficient risk management tool, hedging to protect your foreign exchange exposure in business
  • Arbitrage opportunity taking advantage of currency exchange rates
  • Leverage by paying just marginal amount, not full traded value
  • Good short-term investment option

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