Run daily to become a Marathoner, SIP it to become a Millionaire !!

2015: I had a goal to run a marathon. I’ve had this dream many times before. In fact, I had to run a 10 K run in 2010 with a lot of struggle.

But in 2016, I was very serious like any husband / professional who goes through a mild depression. I was focused and started planning my routine and daily run.

Plan was simple: wake up at 5 am, exercise and run for 1 hour. (Waking up this early, a hard task ! Never had a fitness goal in my whole life. Old habits die hard). But I persisted.

Soon, I partnered with a fitness freak.

We both registered for the 10k run which was a month away and I’d decided to walk 10k step every day.

I’d installed a fitness app to monitor my daily activity.

By the end of one month, while nearing the running date, I was comfortable running 7 to 8 kms on a daily basis. On the day of the run, we were to run 10k continuously- which we did. I’d completed this 10k rather comfortably.

I was happy and continued registering for other runs and extended my target to 16 KMs and 21 kms runs in a one or two-months gap period. And the whole affair, which started off as a task, became a cinch.

I had only one mantra: run a daily 10K-steps. Evening or Morning. And more importantly, keep on registering for new runs.

Then slowly, I started getting a hang of this discipline of ‘the daily run’.

I started rising at 5 am and running for 2 to 5 km daily. This helped me run half marathons easily. I’d started running to Juhu beach from my place in Kurla, Mumbai on weekends, which is a good 11 + kms.

I’ve improved my fitness level and the story took a nice direction.

This experience is the best to explain the Wealth Creation process.

The first action in the wealth creation journey is to set a goal and commit to it.

Show up, no matter what!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with this first step like the 10k-steps walking or running daily.

Then more importantly, monitor it and take the corrective action or push for the next daily limit with the help of fitness app.

Ask questions regularly: Is the 10k daily run enough? Should I up the game a little? etc.

At the same time, decide whether to set another goal like moving onward from 10 K run to 21k run.

This is exactly the pattern when we set up a goal and invest via SIP (Systematic Investment Planning).

Fix a goal to become a Crorepati/Millionaire and see how much you can invest daily/monthly to achieve that in a certain year.

Ensure that you invest that small amount religiously.

Ask questions regularly: Is this amount enough for my daily/monthly investment? Does it meet my investment goal? Should I up my game a little or stay put?

And sooner or later, you’ll witness your world turn in a nice direction.

As Mary Poppins says, ‘Everything is possible, even the impossible !!’